Markos George Hionos

In my post “Research Towards a Sequence of Composition” I referred to the work of Markos George Hionos and said that he was not a professional nor well known. This was incorrect and careless of me and is a lesson learnt in terms of carrying out research in enough detail. I owe an apology to Mr. Hionos as I have done him a disservice and should have just said that he was not previously known to me.

Mr. Hionos has kindly written to me and provided me with links to his work on the internet. He is indeed a professional photographer born in Greece but now working as a freelance photographer and living in London, his work has been published in several magazines and he has written two books.

Some of his work can be found at I am grateful that he took the trouble to read my post and to send me his links as I was able to further explore his work and confirm how much I like his style.


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