Assignment 1 – Self Assessment

Light at Stonehendge - 1/200 at f/7.1, ISO100, 24-70mm lens at 24mm

Light at Stonehendge – 1/200 at f/7.1, ISO100, 24-70mm lens at 24mm

Demonstration of Technical & Visual Skills

There are a few different techniques used to capture images using flash and other off-camera lights and in the case of rough and smooth the lighting has been used to create the image.

There are, perhaps, a disproportionate number of images that have relied on the ability of my cameras to work with very high ISO but this is an effect that I like and I believe works especially well with light and much. 

I would have liked to have included some landscape and portraits in the set but the opportunity did not arise and, as many of my existing images are landscape, I think I was sub-conciously keeping away from that genre. Overall there is a studio image, some street photography, some abstract and some action images so I feel there is a reasonable spread of techniques in use.

I think that straight and many show the ability to spot a potential subject which is not immediately obvious and I feel that overall the set shows some visual awareness.

In terms of composition, I have tried to improve my initial compositions as I have worked through the exercises and this assignment. I am consciously using two prime lenses (150mm and 50mm) to help me think about composition more and whilst no 50mm images made the cut there are several taken with the 150mm. Each image has been actively composed to create the image I wanted and I am happy with the results in that regard.

Quality of Outcome

This is a very difficult area to self judge. I am far from knowing everything I need to know to capture good images but I do feel that I have applied some of what I do know to this assignment and have consciously tried to build on the initial exercises. I am endeavouring to creatively think about depth of field, shutter speed, composition and framing and to produce technically strong images. I am not satisfied with the final processing of high and low but pushed myself to include black and white work as this is a specific area that I know needs improvement.

I believe that the assignment, both in the blog and in the pack I am sending to my tutor, is coherently presented and that I have expressed my ideas clearly.

Demonstration of Creativity

These are not imaginative images and I know that this is an area that I need to take to another level. I have set myself targets to seek out more inspiration from great photographers and to use that inspiration to fuel my own imagination.

On the other hand I have experimented with techniques that I have rarely used in the past such as the processing of high and low, the lighting in rough and smooth and the indoor shots in light and dark.

I am a long way from developing a personal voice but see that as the overall objective of this course. I do believe that I am beginning to see personal projects that interest me about subjects about which I feel strongly. This is something I did not have six weeks ago so perhaps I am taking the first step towards a voice.


I am comfortable researching subjects and see this is as a potential weakness as I did get bogged down in this assignment (see Assignment 1 Reflections). The challenge is that there is too much information available on the internet and I am going to more effectively focus my research in the next part of the course.

I am self critical by nature but the ability to critique a photograph is a skill that needs developing.


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