Exercise 30 Light Through The Day

An Antiguan Day December 2014

An Antiguan Day, Falmouth Harbour, December 2014

I have waited patiently to find the right opportunity to set up this photograph in response to exercise 30, light through the day. I needed a fixed location where I could safely leave the camera all day and reasonably consistent light but with a mixture of cloud and blue sky and the time to wait while the camera photographed a full day.

The right location proved to be in Antigua where I spent Christmas 2014, the image was captured on a typical Caribbean day with plenty of sunlight but with clouds blowing through on the famous Christmas winds. I set up the camera on our host’s balcony using a wide angled lens capturing as much of the view of Falmouth Harbour as possible. The camera was set to take a frame every minute starting soon after 06:00 and finishing at about 18:00. The above image was created by taking a slice from the photos taken at 30 minute intervals, the 06:00 slice is on the far left and the subsequent slices progress from left to right across the photo so the 18:00 slice is on the far right.


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