My Dad’s Stuff

Fig. 05 My Dad's Stuff

Fig. 01 My Dad’s Stuff

A side project as part of the research for assignment 4 where I wanted to collect the few items I still owned that had belonged to my father who died nearly 20 years ago. This project was inspired by Simon Norfolk’s Archeology of the Tigris Valley.


4 thoughts on “My Dad’s Stuff

  1. schirgwin

    My father, also born in 1919, died 47 years ago today. This has set me wondering how much of his stuff still exists. Somewhere I’ve got his Ilford Sportsman, which was the first camera I had that you needed to do more than just push a button. I wore the jackets of his last suits to death. This is a good idea…

  2. Catherine

    Interesting how that typological format can carry such a wealth of meaning and raise hidden memories in the viewer.
    Really well-composed Steve.

    1. Catherine

      I remember seeing a very intriguing installation at a Farnham UCA Degree Show. It was a Fine Arts graduate I think and he’d created an actual ‘collection’ of objects that he presented as from a museum. I’ve been thinking about him recently and reading your post pushed me to actually look him up so thanks for that. He’s Jose Nieves


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