Assignment 5 Tutor Feedback

Fig. 20 The Bourne Graveyard - 1/60 at f/11, ISO 900

Fig. 1 The Bourne Graveyard – 1/60 at f/11, ISO 900

Overall Comments

As already mentioned, I think you are responding very positively to your feedback in this respect and I can see evidence of the research you are conducting in your work, which will definitely strengthen your position from a summative assessment and grading perspective, once you decide what to include for this submission.

Assignment Feedback

This assignment specifically looks at illustration and narrative techniques within photographic story telling.

This was a really well researched, structured and presented project Steve, which ticked many of my boxes in terms of bridging the gap between yourself and a person who died 50 years before you were born. (Fred Grover) The space that provided this link is The Bourne, which is clearly a space which you are connected to on a very personal level. From the outset the project was engaging, as the personal interest was evident. This can so often be the cause of failure at this level …. You need to select something which is or real interest to you as a person in order to become fully engaged within it. This project really gave me the impression that you were fully engaged within it. The level of research was excellent for this level, using both found historic imagery along with personal family photographs to support the narrative.

Once again, I couldn’t really fault the created imagery from a technical perspective. All the shots had been well composed, focused, exposed etc, with the typology of housing towards the end, really providing a mapping exercise of the village during most recent times. (see fig. 02)



Fig 2 The Bourne Typology

The shot that really stood out for me was the image of the gates leading into the old cemetery. This was very green / mossy / lush well squared shot, with the gate left slightly ajar … in an almost inviting and curious manner. (see fig. 1)

I really liked the idea of trying to photograph physical evidence of what must have existed within the two different timelines and then linking this to quotes made by Grover himself. (EG: The old mower). (see fig 3)

Fig. 18 Old Lawnmower in Graveyard - 1/80 at f/10, ISO 400

Fig. 3 Old Lawnmower in Graveyard – 1/80 at f/10, ISO 400

I think you might benefit from looking at the work of Nicky Bird and in particular, her project entitled ‘Tracing Echoes’. Bird became artist in residence at Dimbola Lodge (home of Julia Margaret Cameron) in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight (see follow up work here). The project was triggered by a portrait she took of her sister in relation to a Cameron portrait, but quickly progressed into a much bigger project which included mapping the house and photographing the ancestors of Cameron’s original sitters.

Learning Logs/Critical essays

Again, your Blog is developing very well and has been updated regularly. This will all add towards your final grade so long as we make it very easy for the assessor to navigate through what has been evidenced during the course of the module.

Follow Up Work

Having completed all five assignments for this module it is now time to submit the work for formal summative assessment which has been discussed above.


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