Notes For Assessor

This learning log / blog is my main submission for assessment  supported by a presentation box containing:

  • The contact sheet of prints for each assignment
  • A selection of A4 prints for assignments 2, 4 & 5 (no prints have been included for assignment 1)
  • A photo book of the photographs submitted for assignment 3
  • Assignment 5 is represented by a mocked up and bound magazine article plus some prints
  • Tutor’s feedback for each assignment
  • Any reworked prints arising from the tutor’s comments

This blog is organised so each assignment can be selected from the menu to the right. In each case, under the assignment number you will find :

  • My response to the tutor’s comments and any further reflections arising
  • The tutor’s feedback (including links to follow up research)
  • My self assessment
  • The assignment as submitted
  • The specific research leading up to the assignment which usually provides an explanation of my thought and practical processes and relevant context in terms of other practitioners

There is a record of other, less specific, research throughout the blog and that is filed under the “Research and Reflection category


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